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    Rear projection screen material

    I have been experimenting with projection screen material for rear projection. The attached photos show two materials. the first is a cheap $6.00 shower curtain I purchased at Lowes. I actually bought two, the cheapo and the $12 upgrade curtain. The $6.00 curtain worked better. The other was too thick and blocked too much light.

    I am running the projector Optoma EX525ST 18" from the rear of the screen and in the native 1024 X 768 resolution. I am useing the eco. mode on the light. This picture is taken without the use of a flash.

    The next two pictures are with an inexpensive screen material I purchased from Rose Brand. It is their Grey material and cost $16.95 for a 55" X 36" piece. The freight was more than the material. However, it came rolled up on a cardboard tube and protected with bubble wrap. All I had to do was unroll the material.

    You can see my temp mounting is nothing but red duck tape. I am running the projector at the same distance of 18" and on the low lamp mode. However, I am now running at 1280 X 1024 resolution. The first shot was taken by bouncing the flash off the ceiling. The next was without the use of a flash. It doesn't look so bright and washed out when flying.

    I hope this help others who may be trying to decide on screen materials. You can find rose Brand at do a search on "projection".
    Attached Images Attached Images

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