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    hi everyone Iam building a -400 747 cockpit and im using 4crt's for the instrument panel,and 2 Flatscreens for the Windsheild,1 computer for the interior,and 1computer for the outside views,both computers are running Threehead programs for the monitors,my question is .......How do I add interfacing of individual switches with this setup..? i apprecieate all responses THX AXE.......

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    Re: need help with new setup

    Well what you need to do is get FSUIPC and wide Client so the instruments talk to eac other then something like project Magenta will help. To integrate all switches you'll need either a keybord emulator like Hagstrom KE72 or Phidget or FDS SYS boards etc some sort of I/O board that talkes to the computers thats about it.
    Good luck with your 47

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