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Thread: DIY - Korry latching switch

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    DIY - Korry latching switch


    This has certainly been done before, but I would just like to show you one way of making a latching switch.
    Though I have a CNC, it is not necessary to get this to work, but it helps a lot.
    I was looking for a latching switch with a travel of 7-9mm, but that was not easy to find so why not use a ballpoint.
    I have not touch the original “Korry 433” or some of the other 1” Korry stuff,
    but if you look at a ballpoint I believe it’s action is quite the same as the Korry.
    With some modification and in my case adding a small PCB, I ended up with this prototype.

    The PCB is carrying a Microswitch, two LED’s (not mounted), three resistors and a transistor (for light intensity control)
    The nice thing is that the Microswitch with the Lexan spring gives me a true state of the switch – toggle action.

    More info if needed....

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    Very nice. Good job done there. Thanks for sharing

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