dear people,

recently i was able to get finaly back to cockpit building!
i created a simple diy mini overhead. nothing fancy. but should be enough to ban the mouse out of the cockpit.
my question is how i do the following 2 things in lua.
i have 55 switches wired to a pokey. i wrote a pretty big system in lua to connect & sort out if it is regular sim offsets or lvar.
now i try to create the final 2 functions.

in my code. all switches wil be operated whit all info out of 6 arrays.
i ask my questions whit copies of the info i have and what i think is the answer i not ask for blind help.
im currently far away from my sim pc. so i cant do trial and error. so i try to progress at the current time like this.
i use the regular connection to pokey from the tutorial so i recon this part whe can skip.

1. how do i send a regular offset command in lua? lets take a simple example the landing gear handle up and down.
i ask this question when i researched it a bit more
2. can i controll the green text bar in p3d myself whit a message? ( havent found any info on this at all but it seemed me a good idea to use to trial and error.
3. pdmg controll list, i picked 1 switch. out of it to keep it simple

first quote is from the pdmg sdk
Now, just find the switch you want to control in the list below.   Take the number given and add it to the “Minimum” base 69632. That’s now  your custom control to put into FSUIPC.  The parameter is also needed.  Usually 0 = off and 1 = on, or whatever other options are available.



 // Overhead – Electric
 #define    EVT_OH_ELEC_BATTERY_SWITCH                (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 1)        // 01 – BAT Switch
i think it should be like this is in lua.
ipc.writeLvar("EVT_OH_ELEC_BATTERY_SWITCH", 1) or 0 depending which way the switch need togo.
but then i dont understand the part about 69632. can someone enlightend me.

i am trying to learn the part of writing commands.
im a real nub in lua but i try to learn pls help me on the way