Last week I decided to modify an ACES yoke, and combine it with some readily available, but not quite thrifty, materials.

Using A surplus vintage electrical junction box, 36" of 3" Copper Pipe, 3" Copper 90* Elbow, 3"x40MM Bushing with a 3/4" hole bored through, 1 Bronze 3/4 " Bushing, and a couple other bits and pieces.

The following images show my work thus far. Not pictured is the latest acquisition. A very unique set screw, with a spring loaded tip. The set screw is bored through, tapped on the hex end for another yet tinier set screw, which captivates a spring that holds tension on the steel pin, which protrudes through the bored end.

This device is to add a detent for when the yoke "returns to center".