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    Hi Guys, just got back from Mexico so I should'nt be stressed cause it was good apart from the A330 landing.
    Some of you may know Im bulding a 747 400 sim at school for a GCSE in technology resistant materials/ electronics.
    Trouble is I got less than 5 weeks until the deadline and I dont have any switches etc at all in the sim, I got the I/O cards built but not tested, Im in trouble and having sleepless nights,
    I suppose all I can do is try my best.
    Btw happy easter all.
    Boeing 744ever

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    Thumbs up Your not the only one....

    I feel exactly the same, i have to put my 737 sim in place for the 6th of june, and i am still building the shell, if i can give you a tip sit down for five minutes and make a plan of action it works very well.

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    Building a sim on a timescale i would say would be a challenge! I would certainly never manage it.

    Jake, i understand this is for a school project however will your sim still carry on 'progressing' after the exam deadline?

    Also as James mentioned, make a plan! .. i guess if you are being assesed on this build and the quality and functionality you won't be allowed to just go spend a bit at FDS if the deadline is looking realy bleak

    You shall have to focus on what the project demands are. If this is electronics make sure you have at least a couple of dozen switches in there all wired up. Also a tip is not to have 20 switches all hooked up to a light but to vary yourself (even if it may not technically be correct with the 747 400 for the time being) Have one switch linked to a light, one to another knob one on it's own etc etc for example. As they say once you've seen one sand dune you've seen 'em all. So show that you understand electronics and do various different circuits with the nessecary resistors and other components. And don't worry if you don't get every switch. The examiner will be able to see where you are heading with it.

    Also if the focus is also on resistant materials. Maybe they aren't so worried as to HOW you've used the materials but WHICH material you have chosen and that it is for the correct, or at least suitable, application. Eg, plexi because it has clear properties yet stong and maleable. This shows you have thought of the implications of your decision and the effect this will have on your product overall.

    And finally, Don't Worry! You have enough time left now. Just stick to that plan!

    Keep us updated and let us know how you get on.

    Remember we're always here if you have a quick question or two.

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