I am new to cockpit building and I'm half way through building a 737 cockpit but for now I'm using the fs9 pmdg747 for the model/instruments to get the hang of things.
I have undocked/resized the capt panel and positioned the panels using a 'y' splitter to left and right monitors for identical capt /fo screens.I use the centre monitor for the engine display and also for the mcp as I am not ready to invest in the mcp hardware quite yet.I am trying to move/resize the sby instruments via the panel cfg to the far left of the centre monitor ,they move fine but are obviously sitting on top of the 'empty 'undocked pfd/nd and are continuously flickering on and off.I have not played with panels before so I would be interested to know if this is possible or is there a simple solution/explanation to the flickering.

I'd appreciate any advice.

regards Jim