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    Hey Boy, Get downstairs you've got visitors

    Hi Everyone...
    Like to say hello to this merry crew. If I had a futuristics ball that could tell my future when i was a kid I am sure I would not have believed it, but here I am today creating virtual reality and simulation experiences with technology that was not even conceived when I was a kid, but it all seems so familar. I have two companies, one builds F1 simulators and distribute a range of high spec projection screens for simulation. Eventually we will launch two aviation vehicles currently under wraps, however until then I am content to fly at 300kph touching the ground. You can visit me web sites at and Here is a link to our latest simulation display solution and have posted some pics in the vendor product section.
    I have attached a pdf of our ICE Digital Daytime Lens screen. If you use projection of any description in your sim you'll find it innovative reading

    Look forward to participating in your air space.
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