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    Question About MCP/Building

    Hello guys,
    I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Ricardo and I've been a user of flight simulator since the 5.0 days. FS and aviation are my passion and metal detecting (Coin shooting) comes a close second. I'd like to mention that I started my pit project (757) almost five years ago but due to my job, schedule and the arrival of my daughter, I had to postpone. Right now is a better time for me to resume. Could you guys please offer some input or advice on the following questions please?

    Firstly, I am very hands on and good in fabricating with metal/wood/plastics, etc and have tons of tools for the job, but I have minimal knowledge on interfacing dillema.......

    I'd like to continue on my 757 cockpit/panel and the only thing that stops me or makes me consider going with something else like a 37NG is the ability to construct an MCP for it. For someone who wants to build and interface their own MCP, what is the best way to go? I was looking at the "FDS-SYS3 System Interface Card" it as simple or possible to interface the LED segments and switches to that type of card? I'd really appreciate it if I could be pointed in the right direction with regards to an interface system I could use for an MCP and/or any good information/tutorial that could get me started on understanding what it's going to take to get the job done. On my part, I will continue to research.

    I'm going to add the following incase it may assist you in providing info........

    FS2004 will be the platform. Just ordered parts from newegg to rebuild my system.

    I am not sure what type of glass software I will use, but it will not be PM. I cannot afford it.

    I was thinking I might be able to do something with FS Panel and a panel/guages I used to fly with by "Lonny Payne". It's for a 757 and the best freeware 757 panel I've seen. I'm thinking I could use the guages and flight model from one of the freeware 757 offerings out there. Is it possible to gather values/data/logic from something like Level D 767?. Any suggestions in this arena are welcomed, but I realize it's already too much for one post But in that respect, I am willing to compromise realism vs price. I want something better than a 19" monitor but I'm not going to spend $50k. My primary goals are to have intruments displayed behind my panel and a functioning MCP. A TQ is no problem for me, as interfacing it is not that hard. That I can do.

    I thank you guys in advance. I'll be participating in this forum as I go along with whatever I can. I've enclosed a few photos of my panels from the last time I left off. Nothing major, but I did feel a little pride in that I made them myself. They were 85% scale of the actual sizes, I'm going to go full size or closer to it this time.
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    There is a tutorial for making an MCP on the open cockpits site:

    Got to confess I just got out the credit card for a GoFlight MCP Pro!


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