Hi All,
Been tearing my hair out over Sioc programming,Dont know if i have a bug or its me.
Here is what im trying to do,
I want to display ALL 5 PAGES for each of the 4 Physical LCD displays.
I am using 5 position rotary switches,one for each display.
Im displaying digital data for IAS,Heading ect.
Ive checked the operation of all switches in Contralador program and all
register the same,ie show all switch positions are operating.
here is the problem;
I will refer to my attached code.
The LCD have been configure to have some text and data fields on all 5 pages.
However if two of the switches(57 and 62) are swapped then the Display 1 will become corrupted ie text will appear which is not configured for
that display and display 3 will not show text for page 4.The switch is
working fine.If i dont switch past page 3 the everything is fine.
Swapp sw 57 with 62 and everything works 100%.
Bear in mind displays are numbered 0-3 and pages 0-4(5 pages).
The code ive attached is a test piece.
If i try to make corrections to the two switches in my original program
the problem still exists but corruption is much worse.
To me appears to be aproblem when switching pages on display3.
I hope you can understand what im trying to say and sorry for such a long winded post.Ive been trying for hours to reolve it.Hope someone
can pu me out of my misery.