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Thread: Want A Cheap Solution To Cockpit Building

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    You know, you're time is worth something too. You might try starting with some smaller projects in order to
    1. See what it's like to spend your evenings and weekends working on this hobby
    2. Help develop your construction skills
    3. You get a psychological boost by finishing a project, even if it's small. That can encourage you to do bigger projects.

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    Even though I dont have much, I am still prolly 2000-3000 dollars into my sim, needless to say what time costs (2 years). It is not a cheap hobby, but it can be cheaper if expanded over time and you have a good source for free or vey cheap parts, and you build a lot on you own instead of buying pre-built.

    Ebay is your friend.
    I'm not replicating anything, because I like to fly everything.

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