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    Engravity New Performance Line MIP Desktop Panel Kits.

    MyCockpit NEWS - Engravity New Performance Line
    Desktop Panel Kits.
    Introducing the NEW Performance line MIP desktop panel kits

    Engravity proudly presents the Performance line DESKTOP MIP. The new 100% size scale Desktop MIP is part of their performance line range and highly detailed. By combining their PRO-version and regular performance line mip, They have created an ultra realistic desktop version of the well known 737NG.

    Some key features;

    • complete aluminium base structure
    • 5 mm high quality top panels with curved edges
    • PRO line Glare wings included
    • Aluminium windowframes with smoke grey filters
    • injection molded annunciators
    • 100% size scale
    • available as three modules ( captain, center and F/O module)
    • easy assembly
    • compatible with CP-flight MCP and EFIS modules and Flight illusion gauges
    The Performance line Desktop MIP is available in three modules, a captain side, center section and first officer module.

    The Desktop MIP can be upgraded with the Engravity EPB- backlight panels which are used in their PRO-version.


    prices subject to change without notice; (excl. VAT)

    Captain panel kit 469,-
    Center panel kit 429,-
    F/O panel kit 469,-

    To celebrate the introduction of the new Desktop MIP, only during January and February a special 25 % discount is given on the 737 Landing gear lever.
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