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    Programing: FMC-MCP-EFIS

    I was just hoping that someone has worked out how to program all three of these at the same time.

    Let me explain: I have a working MCP with the MSF4. I was able to setup those files in the SIOC SETUP. But what files do you place in the two areas of the SIOC for the EFIS and the FMC to work alone with the MCP without losing the working files that presently work?
    Is it possible to setup all three of the files at one time and save them so all I have to do is select them when I turn on the SIOC system?
    If there is ANYONE that can understand what I and trying to do, please send me a note with the answer. Thanks a Million!


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    Hi Tommy,

    I'm not sure if the SIOC SETUP application can cater for multiple scripts but you should be able to force it too.

    Go to the directory where the MCP file is located (it's buried in the SIOCSETUP directory). Assuming you have the other two configs in .txt format, you can copy and paste each into the MCP file creating one big .txt file. You'll need to then edit this file making all the Variable numbers unique. Start SIOC SETUP and select FS2004 with MCP and it should import this new complete file. If there are duplicated variables then the import process will fail and you'll have to find the offending errors.

    You can also import a group of .txt files using the Group function of SIOCConfig, however I don't remember exactly how to do this and I am at work at the moment. If you use this method you wouldn't use the SIOC SETUP application to start SIOC just use sioc.exe instead. The advantage of using the Group function is that SIOC allocates unique Variable numbers during this process, saving you the trouble.

    Hope that helps,

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