Hi everyone, first post here for me. Now, I'm not exactly sure if many people still use PMsounds presently, but I wonder if I can find help here. I looked thru a lot of documentation and communities with no success.

I am trying to get a flight attendant announcement to play when I tick the A/Brake to RTO. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get it on the RTO. I have managed to make it play on A/Brake settings 1 and 3.. RTO, 2, and MAX seem to elude me no matter what combinations I try.

This is the line I am using in my soundlist.txt:
ntoblt, 2F80, .1, 0  //play when aBrake set to RTO
I am sure I have the offset correct, but the offset-length and values are making me crazy. .1 plays sound on setting 1 of the A/Brake. .2 plays on setting 3. Anything else I try from .0 to .7 up to 1,2, and 4 will not trigger the sound on any setting. Also, with a few combinations I tried, the sounds played when the sim loaded, and proceeded to play the announcement while in the select a flight menu

Severely confused about this, anyone help if you would be so kind please. and Thank You

EDIT-- Truly sorry for putting this here, I have JUST noticed the PM section down the page on the board index Move it if you must.