In order to help financing my project, i've kept 30 for myself and im selling the other 30 korry switches i own.

This switches cost about 130 usd new, so they are very expensive and rare. All of them are Korry Chromalux 308 - 607 (cap), NEW Old Stock, i didnt test all of them, though and since they are new, they should work perfectly. They operate 4 T1- 3/4 incandescent bulbs (28V..though they work fine with 24V) or flange-based leds, which are available in 5V and 28V. NO BULBS INCLUDED.
NO LEGENG CAPS INCLUDED, but its easy to make your own with personalized legends and fit them into the light caps.

You can find the specs here (page 3 and 4)

Send me a private message for price and pictures, and ill be glad to help with any info i can give

Cheers to all