Hello to all. This might work, and it might not, a bit like my proposed simulator! I intend building a simulator of an Airbus A321 and have quite a lot of kit already in place. When I say in place, I mean I have it to hand. To date, I have 6 x 21" CRT monitors, a couple of spare laptops, an EPIC card, 2 x Flatscreens, a CH Flight Yoke and a four port hub. I am looking for someone in the Hants area, who might be interested in co building a cockpit. At the moment, I am trying to get my head around programming the EPIC card and interfacing with my first (built from scratch) Autopilot panel.. If there is anyone who can give me some direction on how to program it, I would be eternally grateful. Look forward to hearing from anyone with any pointers which might help.