Some of you may have been aware of a little application developed by the Opencockpits team called "Gauge Composer". It was a program designed to enable you to build your own gauges for FS, however the last version was dated 2003 and not updated since. However today I stumbled upon a French site closely linked to OC spouting about V2 of Gauge Composer dated Nov 2008! I was a little excited to say the least as I have been toying with designing my own network gauges for the PC12. I thought I would pass it on for others that may be interested.

HERE's a link to a Youtube video of the software in action.
Here's a link to the free download (in French but look for the link "page de telechargement GC". Click on this and voila!, as they say).

I haven't had a chance to test this application so use at your own risk, but it could prove useful for those willing to dabble and tinker.