My desk is still a mess, but many of my projects are getting very close to being done.

In no particular order, I'm currently working on, (sim related only listed);

1. Transponder
2. Autopilot
3. GPS
4. WX Radar
5. New MIP

The transponder and AP I'm really excited about since they will be versions that look like the ones in the the default GA planes in FS9 and FSX. Bendix-King style. They have operating displays and everything. Cool huh? The only thing right now is they may not be backlit. I'm looking into it but ... we will see...

The GPS and WX Radar are both giving me some trouble because I'm having issues with the screens I have. Out of 30 that I picked up only 6 so far have been useable and 2 of them were sold already. So I'm left with only a couple that actually work and they have other issues. Size is off on two of them and the others have some freaky power requirements. I might just have to bite the bullet and get brand new ones that will do what I need.

As always, please respond in the blog as this thread will self-destruct in a couple of days...

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