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Thread: Sidestick alternative

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    Re: Sidestick alternative

    Quote Originally Posted by coolmanak View Post
    Old topic, but I thought I might contribute to it.

    The Airsimmer community (many of them real world Airbus pilots) voted the Attack 3 by Logitech to be the best Airbus joystick for FS on a budget.
    All I can say is, I don't remember anything special about the feel of the real deal, I'd be happy with just an authentic looking one on top of any random joystick. Any word on the Routech ones? Any good? Do you have any pictures? 500 euro is kinda pricey, might as well get the complete setup from FDS for that much but yer was just wondering. Pdpo, where did you see the price tag of 260 euro for them?

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    Re: Sidestick alternative

    I dont know if this info is still valid but the price I mentioned here before was the price he offered me for two stick on fsweekend2009.
    This year he (routech) wasnt

    Greetz peter

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    Re: Sidestick alternative

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike.Powell View Post
    If you're looking for force controlled joysticks, here are a few options:

    One of the force-measuring conversions for the Thrustmaster Cougar.

    A "Ribbstick"

    Interface a real F-16 SSC. (It's been done. The most difficult part is finding a real SSC.)

    Build your own. You might base it on load cells from Elane ELANE - Load Cell rather than the LVDTs used in the real SSC. The race car sim crowd has used the Elane products for pedal force sensing.

    You best source of information for force activated versus motion activated flight controls will likely be one the people over at the ViperPits site.
    Here is a new link for AvSim: Home Page

    Here is the New link for the RibbStick: Flight Control Unit

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