Ok, I'm going for a new setup soon, although experience tells me never to buy the computer first. I'd like some recommendations from people on hardware and components. However let me tell you about what I plan to do with it...

I'm going to be setting up a 777, probably using the Sim-avionics suite. With this I need a system to run outside display only but using a triple head 2 go card (DVI version), on an FSX platform, possibly with Feel There 777 software running.

I'm interested in a recommended set up for this including recommended:
- motherboard
- processor & cooler combo (if stock not sufficient)
- memory config and spec
- video card (s)
- sound card

The system will only run the aircraft and the 3 visuals. System logic, CDU, FMS etc will be networked via the software suite.

In terms of budget I would be looking in the range $1500 - 2000. I would not need monitors, th2go box, keyboard etc. to be included in this budget. Just whatever goes in the computer case. Clearly at this price I cannot just max everything out, but it puts me in a good but difficult budget group. There's a ton of options and performance is totally about synergy rather than the sum of all the individual specs.

I look forward to your recommendations or further questions.

Thank you