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    Flight Illusion News! [NAV GAUGES]

    MyCockpit Reports "Flight Illusion News"
    Flight Illusion Releases NAV GAUGES

    Flight Illusion proudly presents the new range of navigational instruments for use
    with flight simulator. To celebrate their 3rd anniversary, the developers at Flight
    illusion have closed the gap and released the last instruments in the general
    aviation segment. After the turn & bank coordinator and the F16 gauges, this is the
    third release of new products in 2008. The range includes a VOR 1 (with ILS
    functionality) a VOR2 and an ADF indicator. The 3 new gauges are an answer to many
    customers requests. They offer the full functionality of navigational instruments.
    The VOR gauges have a rotating compass rose linked to the OBS knob, 1 or 2 needle
    pointers that center in relation to the planes position on the glide scope,
    localizer or bearing. The gauges also show the status (FROM / TO / OFF / GS) as the
    plane flies. The ADF gauge shows the bearing to the ADF transmitter.

    The three gauges are available separately or as a set. They connect to the central
    interface GSA-55. The gauges work with version 6.0 of the software. Together with
    the basic six instrument set, the engine gauges and the Collins style radio set, the
    Navigational gauges allow to build a full GA panel, as was already the case for the
    B737 and KA35 panels. For more information, please visit by clicking the below banner.
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