...to HAMBURG!!

Where they have the live weather-cam on The Weather Channel every morning. The one that's overlooking the harbor.

Turning on to UM726 at Allersberg (ALB) heading 001:

Hmm, what up over here?

Level 360, smooth. Just about between nav-aids. I think this is between Allersberg and Leine. Mmmm, maybe not, I should be in the descent here if that's so. Must be two other nav-aids. I knew I should have written this stuff down while snapping the crappy photos.

I guess that "NO LIQUIDS PLEASE" plaquard means I can't put my beer there.

I hope that Collins bezel doesn't fall off with the missing screws. I've been writing this up for months but I can't get BSW to fix it. I wonder what they're hiding behind that empty instrument hole?

I only missed it by a mile. I swear. If I hadn't had this camera phone in my hand at the time we'd have made it... That was a really bad intercept.

Your Captain for this 727-200 Pride of the Fleet flight full of mayhem and fun. Mmhhuuuaaaaaa.

OMG! What's an FMC Captain to do?! A localizer only approach? Can it be? "But we've never been here! Those guys down there wouldn't do that to us,...would they?" Ho, ho, ho, boys, pull out the charts and earn your pay today...

I little breezy from the sea this evening. Acht ya, ve got her down! Velcome to Hamburg.