Hi guys

I would like to know whether there is somebody that is able to use his aerosoft australia eicas hardware to show the various eicas displays on the monitor.

I have 2 clients.

client 1 shows the capt PFD/ND and has the aerosoft hardware running
(i use the aerosoft driver that is build into the pm software)

client 2 runs the eicas screen and the cdu (2 videocards on this client)

I read in the pfd.ini about eicasbutton1=..
Every eicas button has a specific pm offset as written on the pm site:

Secondary EICAS pages and functions 777
301 ENG
302 STAT
303 ELEC
304 HYD
305 FUEL
306 AIR
308 GEAR
309 FCTL
318 CANC
319 RCL

eicasbutton1=301 should do the trick, but it doesn't.

Every function of my aerosoft mcp/efis is working now, except the eicas buttons. Did anyone succeed?