New Product from Flight Deck Solutions

    Flightdeck Solutions designs and manufactures professional-grade aviation training and simulation products for a wide variety of aircraft types and industries. They offer a variety of configurations including Fixed Based Trainers (FBT), Dual Seat Training Devices (DSTD), and Single Seat Training Devices (SSTD). Their product lines also include support for the latest in glass cockpit commercial airliners and support all major airliner types as well as custom configurations for development/educational purposes and are plug and play.

    When you are replicating one of the world's most popular civil airliners you best bring your "A" Game! Flightdeck Solutions, Ltd has updated our DSTD unit and packaged it with the highest level components. Just add computers/software and you are flying.

    • Sturdy Metal Framework and Assembly
    • FDS Proprietary IBL Series Panels (Integrated Backlight w/ real aircaft bulbs!)
    • PRO-MX Series Mode Control Panel (MCP) (USB Plug and Play)
    • PRO-MX Series EFIS Control Panels Captain and First Officer (USB PnP)
    • FDS-G3 Glare Interface (Available API)
    • FDS-SYS4X System Interface Board/Software
    • PRO-MX CDUs with Color VGA Displays PnP (Backlit Keyboard)
    • Realistic FDS-B737NG Landing Gear
    • All Panel Annunciators, Switches, Rotaries – Function Capable
    • Replica B737NG Control Knobs
    • Universal Mounting Frames for LCD Panels (PFD, ND, EICAS) (LCD’s ARE Included!)
    • INCLUDES All LCDs (2 x 19", 1 x 15" and One Lower EICAS LCD)
    • New Lighting Package Now included (Under Glare, Over MCP Lighting)
    • Prewired and tested prior to shipment
    • Identical parts used in our FBPTs
    • Accurate Under Glare Cover Panels
    • Fully Assembled (Just add Computers/Software)

    Fully Plug and Play units with Computers/Software installed are available and can be quoted!

    The B737NG-PRO-M DSTD is best suited for operation using the Sim-Avionics or Project Magenta software suites. Software is not included unless indicated

    Crating and Shipping Costs are based on ship-To location/shipper/method

    Pricing Info Linked Here: Price Sheet
    Please note, some pictures shown represent the original "DSTD" design. The new unit has numerous enhancements. Pictures will be updated asap.
    Click here for all the details at www.flightdecksolutions.com

    "IBL" and "Integrated Backlighting" are "Trade/Brand" names created By Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) to describe Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)products. IBL panels in name and Concept are the intellectual property of FDS and subject to trademark/copyright laws as governed by law.