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Mr. Midnight
04-15-2007, 10:57 AM
im sure this has been discuused before in fact i read gear lever post below, but im in the process of building my 737 ng lever, and im wanting full indicator light functions.

there are a couple of options 1 using phidgits or 2 set up a independent timing cuircit for both up and down lights.

but first i need to know just how the lights function.

tell me if im correct when landing gear is down i should have showing three green lights and when i move the landing gear lever to the up position i should see three red lights right away and then as each wheel goes into its well completly each red light will go out( depending on which wheel well closes first).

So at this point i will move the gear lever to the off position, i believe on the overhead panel it will show the hydraulics off (not for sure about this one).

Now this is where im not for sure, when i move the gear lever to the down position does the green lights stay off untill they are fully retracted depending on which wheel well retracts first and then they come on.


Michael Carter
04-15-2007, 09:18 PM
In your last paragraph I think you mean "extended", but the green lights will stay off until the gear is locked up.

I don't know if the 737 has a DOOR indicator. If so, this will be the first indicator on and the last indicator off for an up/down cycle.

As soon as the gear is in up transit, the green will go off and red will illuminate.

As soon as the uplocks have the gear, the red lights will extinguish. As soon as the doors close, the DOOR lamp will extinguish.

When the uplocks have released the gear (after the door light illuminates) the red lights illuminate until the gear is in the locked position, and then indicate green.