View Full Version : 0/8/8 and USB

02-07-2005, 06:18 AM
I know I read an explanation of this somewhere but I cant seem to find it now - If I have multiple 0/8/8 cards and want to connect them to the same computer - what specifically do I need and how do I make the connection? I know I will need a powered USB hub - but how do I connect the 0/8/8 cards to it? Thanks in advance.

Will Chambers

02-07-2005, 05:16 PM

You can connect your cards up as they are to as many USB ports as your computer has. For using multiple cards with FS2Phidget you'll have to refer to Alan's FS2Phidget documentation and settings. I belive he has settings for setting the serial #'s of the Phidgets to keep them all strait.

The Phidget Powered hub is used when you are running low on USB ports. You can use the power supply with the hub to power 4 Phidgets off 1 USB port.

The 8/8/8 also has a mini powered hub on it. You must use a power supply with the 8/8/8 to make use of the hub. The hub has 2 USB ports on it so you could use your 8/8/8 and 2 other Phidgets plugged into it.

This is all merely related to powering your Phidgets correctly in terms of using USB ports and hubs. It doesn't change how they are set up in a program.

Hope this helps