View Full Version : Elevator trim and CG in the 737NG

02-06-2007, 01:38 AM
Just wondering if other NG users could help here. I'm using the PMDG flight model with Project Magenta on FS2004. I'm finding that I need about 12 points of up-trim on the elevator to rotate succesfully. Also - when low and slow in final approach config I sometimes need 12-15 of up-trim just to manouver, and the yoke is 3/4 the way pulled back.

Have checked the joystick centering and calibration (CH yoke), plus tried different elevator effectiveness settings. Also tried different weights and seems to make little difference. Not sure if this is a control issue, a CG issue, or something else?

And while on the subject of weights - does anyone know a typical pax / baggage loadout (in pounds) for a 737-800 (with full pax)?

02-06-2007, 03:21 AM
Hi Nic,

My sim is PMDG but not PM, I also have quite a bit of trimming to do as you say, Capt. John from VB who flies my sim, says that my sim is correct in feel and weight but he also said PMDG haven't got it quite modelling right on roll motion, he says the real thing doesn't sink as much, less pitch required in turns. He also said the NG has got so much grunt it would fly like a rocket, full of fuel, passengers and the Barmy Army standing in the isles! They use 88% N1 for take off at all Aussie airports.
The CP flight MCP and 2 EFIS are on their way!