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01-02-2005, 11:19 AM
any experience with FS9 and 16:9 plasma monitors?If yes which brand and size,
which video card and resolution, which distance from pilot? Thanks

Karl Bates
01-02-2005, 12:02 PM
Hi their,

Any Plasma manufacture will do, i.e. Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, etc, etc. The
main thing is to look at all of the reviews, get the best contrast ratio,
and of course makes sure that the unit has all possible connections. I my
self have used a number of branded Plasmas with lap tops and desk top
computers, and have found them to be very good. If you have any up-to-date video
card you can plug straight into the VGA socket on the Plasma. Distance, well
that depends if you want to look after your eyes, you will be ok if you
stick to a distance of 3 4 foot.

Hope that help,


Rob Archer
01-02-2005, 12:11 PM
I have, and it sucks!! FS9 is designed for 4:3, in 16:9, all the objects are
out of character in there size. Just my opinion as i've tried EVERYTHING
except for bugeye and colimated displays. My current is the best i've done
yet, a BARCO 808 CRT projector. I never knew FS9 had stars at night until
now!! LOL

null null
01-02-2005, 01:29 PM

Not Plasma, but 16:9 DLP Projection TV (Samsung HNL437W1) (43")...picked one

of these up at a Boxing Day "door crasher special" at half price. :>)

Through the DVI inputs you can display at 1280x720 (ATI 9800Pro). The first

thing I noticed (coming from a CRT monitor) was the relative coarseness off

the display...the pixel counts over such a large area require you to sit
further back to get a seamless and smooth image. I'd say the image starts to

tighten up nicely at about 5-7 feet. It is quite spectacular at 8-10 feet.

The image is incredibly vibrant and simply blows the CRT away from that
point of view. The feeling of "being there" is greatly enhanced. It is also

very usable during the daytime with light coming into the room.

The contrast ratios are not up to CRT standards, but I'm not finding this a

problem at all...much better than a LCD projector, perhaps similar or
slightly better than a DLP projector. however, due to my small room size, I

have ruled a projector out as a practical solution. Enter the big TV...

One must sit close to the centerline of this TV..there are some side to side

or up/down viewing angle restrictions, but is much more tolerant than a
typical projection TV...more along the lines of an LCD monitor.

Overall, I'm becoming very happy with this solution. I use a partially
complete FDS Flightcentre, so I'm able to move it into the proper viewing
position to get this to work. I'm rearranging things a little to get my head

position at about 6.5 feet from the screen.

The 16:9 ratio does not create a distortion problem if using the outside
view only (set FS to 1280x720). When displaying a panel, it will be
stretched to the new aspect ratio...not a problem for cockpit builders as a

general rule.

It is very important to have a good return policy when picking something
like this up...expectations can vary, and what is acceptable to one person
may not be to another. Knowing you can take it back after an evaluation
period is very comforting should it not work out.

Don't plasmas have burn-in issues and finite lifespan?? Maybe not, I don't
know that much about them...
DLP will not burn in, but there is a user replaceable bulb (8000 hours)
costing about 300USD.


"G D" wrote in message news:280451.55739@wb.onvix.com...
> any experience with FS9 and 16:9 plasma monitors?If yes which brand and
> size,
> which video card and resolution, which distance from pilot? Thanks
> Giorgio