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07-26-2018, 05:29 PM
Dear fellow cockpit builders, <cross-posted from="" the="" phidgets="" forum="">

I was trying to get the Phidgets VINT hub (and 6*16 Digital input cards and 2*LED1000 output cards) working togther with PMSystems.
When I start PMSystems, it recognises my old 0/16/16 boards, but it doesn't seem to find the devices connected to either VINT hubs. Normally in phidgets.txt you can enter the serial number of the device followed by DIxx or DOxx to indicate the input or output number. The new cards (connected to the VINT hubs) PMSystems fails to detect, so I cannot assign a variable to an input or output.

Is there a way to get the VINT hubs to work with PMSystems like the older 0/16/16 cards?

I also asked support from Project Magenta, but until now, I didn't get any response, even after 6 days, no response what so ever. As far as I can see when using Visual Studio, the addition of the VINT hub should not be a big problem. It is a matter of adding the port number of the VINT hub where the IO cards are connected to. I also offered PM to help in investigating and/or programming the interface part. ==> No response (yet).

The part that PMSystems natively supports Phidgets is partly true. It doesn't support the newer IO boards using the VINT hubs. I certainly hope I'll get a response soon from PM, because I think it takes to long for PM to react on a ticket.

Is there anyone who has the same issue (or is using VINT hubs succesfully together with PMSystems)?

With kind regards,
Lefranc Loupias</cross-posted>