View Full Version : Problem: Engine and thrust lever disagree.

07-30-2017, 04:49 AM

Out of nowhere JL is now misbehaving; When I start the aircraft engines the engine thrust runs immediately up to N1~60%. The thrust levers are correctly commanding the donuts however the engine thrust does not respond in any FWD position. If the lever is placed into REV then the engine thrust returns to idle.

The engine thrust responds correctly to FS keyboard controls (F1 - F4), however.

Thrust levers are fully calibrated. and FMGS is correctly receiving and reading the thrust lever inputs (as indicated by the donuts) but it is not commanding engine thrust.

I'm running B47.4.1 with Skalarki Hardware in P3DV4.

I'm also getting a Windows socket error from HARDWARECONNECT however this is on a remote PC. The thrust lever hardware is connected directly to the main P3D and FMGS server PC.

JL do you have a solution? Has anyone else seen this?