View Full Version : App frozen and/or CTD with FSLabs A320 P3D v3.3

07-05-2017, 04:17 PM

I am having problems using FSLabs A320 and PSXseecontraffic on P3D v3.3.

After started both PSXseecon and realtraffic, it could take 5 minutes up to more than an hour for both apps to freeze (Some times it could work for over three hours on long flights) but it will eventually stop working... always.

When it happens PSXSeecontraffic shows no live traffic but it is responsive (I can change range and all other options), color bars are ok (Blue and green) but Realtraffic aircraft list is frozen, no further update, it keeps the last list of airplanes before it stopped, this app is responsive as well but the aircraft update is stopped.

After restart both apps it could work, it could not, there is no warranty.

Some times, when restarting Realtraffic it takes longer than usual to load the app. If i try restarting both apps P3D crashes without warning, a flat CTD.

I thought I found the solution by stopping the server option in the MCDU, but it did not work, it keeps freezing.

I have tested and it is not an internet problem.

Both apps running with its latest updates.

I know this FSLabs plane is way too heavy on resources, but just posting looking for someone else having the same problem.

BTW, both apps work flawless with PMDG 737.