View Full Version : Which buttons work in button assignment tool?

07-01-2017, 12:33 PM
Hi JL,

after several months I needed to reconfigure my radio panel encoders. I tried with the button assignment in the FMGS config tool, but it didn't work (i.e. RMP Frequency swap, RMP Mhz/Khz Increment/Decrement,...). Finally I remembered, I had to assign it directly via FSUIPC. I got it fixed now.

But after spending some time on failure tracking now for the second time, I wonder, if there's an overview somewhere, which of the buttons listed in the tool are working and which are not. At least, I found in the german forums, that some of your buttons in your list are not working, yet.

If there is no such overview, maybe you can give advice in the documentation or indicate in the list itself? I think, it would help a lot of new users!