View Full Version : Window Overheat Light Are constantly on

03-24-2017, 12:06 PM
There must be something wrong with the script that runs the 737 Overhead panel in PmSystems. The Overheat Light comes on when the OVh is initialized. And it remains on for the duration. Turning the Window Heat on or off, seem to have no effect.

I'm not very well versed in the inner logics of a PmSystems script. But the must be some sensor that has been permanently tripped, and somehow needs to be reset, using some code.

Does anyone have any clue as to where to start ?

03-25-2017, 01:48 PM
Still doing research here. Nothing fruitful yet. The only place in the pmsys737.lgc file that actually trips the lights is in this piece of code at line 684:

if (testheat = 0) then
WindowOverHeatSL = 1
WindowOverHeatFL = 1
WindowOverHeatSR = 1
WindowOverHeatFR = 1
WindowOverHeatSL = 0 [60]
WindowOverHeatFL = 0 [60]
WindowOverHeatSR = 0 [60]
WindowOverHeatFR = 0 [60]

Which, as I read it, means that all the Window Overheat will be turned on if testheat returns (is set to) zero.

So when does it return a zero?

The reason I ask is that the variable testheat is initialized to 1 at line 1491.
And I'm unable to find any code that will set it to 0. So what could trip the lights?

The variable testheat is only used one more place at line 696:

if iohardware = false
if testheat <> 1 then testheat = 1 [1]

(and as you see, testheat set to 1)

It looks interesting, I've not played around with it yet, but it seems as though a pmsystem setting, iohardware used/or not used, will manipulate the testheat variable, which then in turn will trip or reset the light. I will report back to you, but one question:

What does the bracket syntax mean :

if testheat <> 1 then testheat = 1 [1]

Delay or something?

03-25-2017, 03:24 PM
Yup! It was the the flag IOHardware set that made the Window Overheat trip!

Now, the reason it was set was because it seemed logical using Opencockpits HW!

Just love it when it is this easy :)