View Full Version : A380 Flightbox custom throttle

05-11-2016, 09:25 AM
Hi guys! Some pics of the A380 flightbox custom made for a costumer in the UK!

It has 4 reverse thrust levers and not 2 as the real A380 cause the customer wanted to be able to fly with A340 as well as A380! Enjoy!

Neil Hewitt
05-25-2016, 10:32 AM
That UK customer is me :-)

The flightbox just arrived in the UK today, and I'm generally very impressed with the quality of Throttletek's work and their willingness to customise to my specifications.

Very much looking forward to getting this incorporated into my mini-sim (I'm building a mini-simpit without a shell but with a full console and a 180-degree projection screen while I wait to put up a proper outbuilding for my 'real' project in 2017/2018). As Roberto says I'm a multi-aircraft flyer and I'm going for a more generic set-up so I'm buying parts based on what I like rather than type-accuracy. So I'll have an Airbus throttle (which I personally prefer the aesthetics of over a 4-lever Boeing equivalent) but a Boeing MCP, and dash-mounted yoke rather than a column yoke. This may offend the purists but flexibility is the watch-word for me :-)