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04-07-2016, 06:27 PM
Hi all,

I have some questions about the new Intercom software.
I installed it today in a full cockpit simulator equipped with Skalarki hardware.
The software runs on a separate machine together with WideFS, JeeHell, Skalarki Profiler 5 and both ACPs connected.
All headsets are connected to this computer aswell (via USB Soundcards).

Zhe Intercom software has the corresponding Mics ans Headset phones selected for sure.

I then configured all buttons and Potis of the ACPs and they seem to run exactly as they should (channels can be selected and the correct buttons illuminate, aswell as the Potis are calibrated correctly and illuminate when active).

But for some reason I don't hear a thing on the headsets. The mics are working fine in the windows audio input overview. When I activate the INT functions on the ACPs and turn up the potis of the INT channel, I should hear someone talking on the other headset.
Also, when turning up a poti of an VOR or ILS I should hear the identifier beep.

But as I said before, I don't hear a thing.
Any suggestions?

05-10-2016, 01:55 PM
I actually made it work. I had two USB headsets, the full Skalarki pedestal like you. I guess the benefit of USB headsets is that they act like sound cards. I could hear the voice of the other pilot in my headset. What I couldn't figure out is how to get the external source in and out. For instance, I want to use the input and output to vPilot, but that does not seem to work. Would really like for that to work.

05-28-2016, 06:42 AM
I am confused too. I am using Skalarki P&P ACP1 and 2 with latest Profiler 5.
On Skalarki side looks like VHF1 does change the INT volume?!

Settings at Intercom Software are:

Teamspeak (IVAO) got the "Wirless Adaper" as In- and Output.
But I just get the Intercom working without external ATC from Teamspeak.

It would be very great if someone could give us a small hint how to deal with it. :O)

05-28-2016, 02:12 PM
Hi capt_pero,

I may be misunderstanding your post, and certainly may be misunderstanding the Intercom software, but I don't think the intercom works via TS. I got it to work on the same computer by using the two artificial sound cards (which are in the USB headsets).

I assumed you could configure TS or vPilot or some other app such that it would use the External Radio In/Out from that other app such that PTT would cause sound to be sent to that app.

Guess we have to wait for the source of truth :)

05-30-2016, 05:27 AM

the intercom can not work directly with TS. I cannot capture the audio from TS, nor play back any to it programmatically (either not possible or not easy at all). Only way is to: have TS paly on a physical output, and plug that into another input (the external in) and vice versa for the other channel direction...


05-31-2016, 11:03 AM
same achieved in my system: Intercom works well. Only problem here: The Intercomm window does not store the input device for CPT and the corresponding squelch value. Iīve to assign it again every time I start Intercom.exe. The FO Headset values are stored as they should.
I didnīt succeed to hear vPilotīs ATC via External Radio in. I assigned a USB Sound Deviceīs output as vPilotīs Output and windows sound manager shows the output signal on it. I assigned another USB Sound Deviceīs Mic input to JeeHell Intercomm window as External Radio in. The mentioned Output is connected to the mentioned Input physically via cable. Windows sound manager shows the signal and I can monitor the correct sond of vPilot with another sound device assigned as monitor. But I donīt hear the ATC in the headsets. Volume of VHF1 in ACP1 (Skalarki) is up and the knob is illuminated.
Anything I forgot to do?

07-02-2016, 02:57 AM
Is there anyone who succeded to hear an online client's or Teamspeak's sound signal in the Intercom?

07-12-2016, 07:34 PM

if this helps, I have the intercom system working pretty well. I have three computers (1. FSX, 2. Capt side and 3. COpilot side) and then one laptop to run instructor station and Active sky next for the weather. Also I use Voxatc to handle atc and this has to be installed on the main FSX computer. I just bought Skalarki's full pedestal and as well I have two sets of usb headphones.

1. I installed Virtual cable 4 -program to FSX computer. (also intercom with two head sets are working in this computer)

2. Configurated Virtual cable 4 -program to have two lines. Line 1 for audio and line 2 to work as microphone.

3. From the laptop I set the Active sky next to play audio at FSX computers Line1. From Voxatc settings I configured that the speakers to play atc is line1.

4. Intercom software settings: CPT side microphone headphones mic and speaker. FO side microphone headphone2 mic and speaker. Third radio microphone line1. So now the third headset is listening that virtual line1 which Virtual cable -program creates (so the communication from Active sky next and from the Voxatc is coming thru third radio panels to CPT and FO headsets). Then at FMGS joystic settings I programmed a pushbutton to turn the third radio on (this button has to be pushed every time when you start flying to switch the int on).

5. In windows sounds settings (recording) I set the both headset microphones settings at properties "listen to this device" checked and playback thru this device (and here you choose the line2).

Now third radio plays everything which you put to the line1 and as well eveything what window hears from the both microphones goes to line2 and you can direct that device to act as your atc microphone.

(remember to turn on the third radio int on!)

Sorry for my bad english and I wrote this at 2.32 at night, so just ask if you have questions. Hope this helps!

Btw, the intercom doesn't save for me either the CPT side microphone setting, so I have to put that to the settings evey time I start the program....



08-31-2016, 02:15 PM
Hi all,

I use 2 USB sound cards on the system the intercom module is running. I have connected Cpt head set to sound device 1 and FO headset to sound device 2. In intercom module I setup the cpt headset sound device 1 and the fo sound device 2 on certain firlds. Coming to IVAO online flying, I setup cpt sound device 1 in the team speak client settings. The only problem I have is that just the cpt is getting ATC sound in the headphone. There need to be a software which gives team speak some virtual sound card were both usb sound cards are combined, so both pilots can hear and speak to ATC via TS. Is virtual cable 4 able to do so?

Best regards Stefan

08-31-2016, 02:46 PM
Maybe your issue is that the FO ACP is not set to receive VHF1?
Since IVAO/VATSIM interactions are limited, I mapped the external radio to act as VHF1, all the time.
So as FO you want to receive the EXT radio input, you must select VHF1 channel in Rx state on FO ACP

03-21-2017, 06:36 PM
Everything works fine with B47 now.

I am using Virtual Audio Cable and that's it. I wrote a little summary in german language (sorry for that) but the screenshots should be helpful as well.