View Full Version : Throttle not responding

12-08-2015, 08:27 AM
Hi all,

we running a complete setup with:

FSUIPC Version 4.948
P3D v 3
JeeHell 44.1
Skalarki TQ and newest profiler
Plane JH-A320

We configured the TQ min and max in skalrki-profiler and calibrated all positions in FMGS_config tool.

We start the setting at first we start P3D afterwards JeeHell FMGS and immediately the reverser comes out. So when we power up the turbines they went to immediately 62.4% power and the plane wents backwards. The throttle is not responding in P3D. Only in the little spot for pre-use enginepower on the JeeHell ECAM-engine-panel is moving. The engine-rpm indicator stands still.

We hope somebody can help us to fix this problem.

Thanks Kevin and Ben

Stephan Schwarz
12-08-2015, 10:07 AM

please make sure your error zones are set correctly (this setup is different to the joystick axis, my error zones for the throttle are 3000) and all detents are configured.