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11-14-2015, 01:33 PM
Hi JL,
First of all thx for your software once again.It is awesome. I am the son of Rainer (registered here as Beaufort) and supportinghim with at his homecockpit.

We integrated inour cockpit an air-condition fan which brings fresh air from outside into theroom. The fan has two flow levels. We would like to control the fan via anarduino from inside the cockpit. I already talked at the FSweekend with Marcinabout some solutions.
The easiest way for me would be a FSUIPC offsetwhich will return the value of the Pack flow control valve and the current Packflow (both marked in red) which are displayed on bleed page at the ECAM.


I think these values are perfect for this. The control valve is only open when bleed is available and closes while the engine starts. Also the Pack flow can be manual set with the PACK FLOW SEL on the Overhead.
Is it possible to integrate an offset which for example works like this:
0 = Pack flow valve closed
1 = Pack flow pointer full left LO (green pointer marked in red at the screenshot)
255 = Pack flow pointer full right HI (green pointer marked in red at the screenshot)

Thanks for your help.


11-16-2015, 05:40 AM

This is not very practical for me, as it would take 2 bytes of FSUIPC space to add that, and FSUIPC space is not unlimited.
And this is quite some work for only one user needs... ANd I really do not like using FSUIPC too much...
Anyway, I'll see whats possible, but this is really not a priority item.

Best regards,

11-16-2015, 10:02 AM
Thanks for your reply.
I am understanding your point. For us 2 bits would be enough.
-Pack 1 flow valve closed or open
-Pack 1 flow high or low
It would be very nice for cockpit. It will bring more realism when the air condition is disabled while engine start or by pressing the pack korry.

Otherwise I will build a logic with the existing offsets like:
-LED APU Avail
-LED Pack 1 OFF and FAIL
-ENG 1&2 N1
So you donīt need to waste an offset for this.


11-16-2015, 03:55 PM
Well you have to consider pack2 as well, both packs supply the same conditioning vents, so both packs supply air to the flight deck.
Honestly I won't have time to do that before several weeks I think, so if you can already achieve that with other means this is good.


11-17-2015, 01:33 PM
Yes that is correct. I just build yesterday evening a small logic with vb and it is working pretty well. Thanks for your help, I think this is good engough for us. So you can use the offsets for better things. :)

If anyone is interested how build the logic:

Dim Pack1ONusingENG As Boolean = ENG1BleedOff = False And ENG1BleedFAULT = False And ENG2BleedOff = False And ENG2BleedFAULT = False And (ENG1_N2 > 130000000 Or ENG2_N2 > 130000000) And BAT1 > 0 And ((Pack1FAULT = False And Pack1Off = False) Or (Pack2FAULT = False And Pack2Off = False))
Dim Pack1ONusingAPU As Boolean = APUAvail = True And APUBleed = True And APUFAULT = False And ((Pack1FAULT = False And Pack1Off = False) Or (Pack2FAULT = False And Pack2Off = False))
Dim Pack1OFFwhileENG1Start As Boolean = ENG1GENFAULT = True And ENG1_N2 > ENG1_N2_Last
Dim Pack1OFFwhileENG2Start As Boolean = ENG2GENFAULT = True And ENG2_N2 > ENG2_N2_Last
Dim Pack1ONusingGNDHP As Boolean = (ENG1_N2 < 1000 And ENG2_N2 < 1000) And BAT1 > 0 And ((Pack1FAULT = False And Pack1Off = False) Or (Pack2FAULT = False And Pack2Off = False))

If ((Pack1OFFwhileENG1Start = True Or Pack1OFFwhileENG2Start = True) And Pack1ONusingENG = False) Then
CockpitFANPower = False
ElseIf (((Pack1ONusingAPU = True) Or (Pack1ONusingENG = True) Or (Pack1ONusingGNDHP = True)) And Pack1OFFwhileENG1Start = False And Pack1OFFwhileENG2Start = False) Then
CockpitFANPower = True
CockpitFANPower = False

End If

ENG1_N2_Last = ENG1_N2
ENG2_N2_Last = ENG2_N2

(Not very beautiful but it works. :p)