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11-22-2004, 04:17 PM
Besides agreeing with you regarding Enrico and Jonathan......

WOW!!!! THAT LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! Nice work Michael & .

and I'm not talking about Enrico and Jonathan:)

Matt O.

"Michael Apitz" wrote in message
> Dear community,
> we want to take the opportunity and thank Enrico Schiratti and Jonathan
> Richardson very very much for their visit at our 'basement installation'
> Germany last week. We had a couple of suggestions on how to improve the
> software suite and of course wanted to get know the people everybody is
> talking about...
> To be honest, it was a real pleasure to work with Enrico and Jonathan.
> are incredibly professional and it seemed as if there's nothing they
> know about flight simulation in general and MSFS in particular.
> the speed at which some small errors were fixed was unbelievable. Not
> to mention the discussion about the Flight Freeze option ;-)
> It's a fact that after nearly 3 days of hard work our instructors are
> happy with the result. The software runs better than before.
> Attached you can find 2 small pictures taken last wednesday.
> Michael & Michael