View Full Version : Calibrating thorttles issue - always showing max reverse!

03-06-2015, 01:50 AM
Hi JL,

Have updated to latest version but for some reason when recalibrating my throttles the detente figure does not change at all... the new and old figures remain the same when i move the lever...never had this issue before...

I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled 5 times but still wont calibrate..

Is working fine in windows as have checked that..

When i uninstall, should i manually delete the folders as well so there is no residual configs files left?

I just installed a projector but am stuck as can calibrate the throttles ! Doh!

Any help would be gratefully received!



03-06-2015, 05:33 AM
Did you try to remove the thr lvr axis and reassign them?


03-06-2015, 05:59 AM
Hi JL, yes indeed and problme solved..

I calibrated each lever separately... then recalibrate one to apply to both... seemed to work!

Thanks for the thought!