View Full Version : Flight Deck Solutions PRO-MX-MCDU Review

03-05-2015, 01:39 AM
The MCDU or "Multifunction Control Display Unit" is a critical piece of hardware found on Airbus airliners. It is an interface and display unit linked to the FMGC (Flight Management Guidance Computer) allowing the pilot to flight plan, look up performance data, navaid auto-tuning, and generate profiles for the aircrafts climb and descent phase, among other complicated affairs.

In this review we will be looking at the Flight Deck Solutions (http://flightdecksolutions.com/) (FDS) "PRO-MX MCDU". FDS, a Canadian company, is no stranger to the simulation and aviation industry

FDS provides solutions for flight simmers, aviation enthusiasts, educational bodies, and cooperations. One client has been Dresden University where they cooperated to intergrate an FDS professional A320 dual trainer with an ecaFAROS system. The end result is a higher fidelity certified training device (http://youtu.be/7rhArItTad8).
Placing an order for the MCDU was straight forward -- by going onto the FDS website you can place a direct order, with shipping to be calculated and quoted by e-mail. It is reassuring payment can be made securely by PayPal and by credit card.

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