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11-03-2014, 11:48 AM

There are a number of locations for updating the Navdata pro.

File Locations
- Under FMGS Navdata1 & Navdata2.
- Under {user}/Roaming
PC's (perhaps dependant of what modules run where?)
- Other PC's

Which locations and PCs needs be updated when receiving a new AIRAC cycle?
Looked in all the manuals and didnt find it, so appologies if I missed it...


11-03-2014, 03:01 PM

{user}/Roaming/JeeHellWare : this folder is in fact the one specified in the "FSscenery.cfg" file at the "AerosoftPath" line.
It should be updated if you want to get benefits of the autoupdate : Aerosoft navdatapro should put the new airac file there, then at next start of the FMGS software, the navdata1 is copied to navdata2 and the new cycle is put in navdata1.

This is true on main PC and on network clients.

In theory, if you share the "AerosoftPath" folder, using a network drive letter on your clients, you can access this files for the autoupdate, meaning after updating using Navdatapro application, on next startup you have the correct cycle everywhere.

2. The Navdata/navdata1 & Navdata/navdata2 should be updated only manually if the above method does not work. There is not more documentation about it, because it should work...
Also, on clients, it is optional to have the navdata there.