View Full Version : iDisplay video error help needed

08-29-2014, 05:10 AM
Hi guys,

I read with interest a thread about using the iPad app iDisplay... so i bought it and installed it no problme... it does however install a video driver that must screw up P3D as it would nto start at all and kept closing down...

Do any of you chaps use this app and if so what is the solution to this? Its seems like a good option to use until i can afford my Skalarki MCDU!

Thanks all


EDIT: found the answer... to run P3D forst, then FMGS then iDisplay... works a treat although the trick is to have just a wee piece of the MCDu showing on the main screen or it don't work... i tried to get the FO side MCDU to show but it wouldn't for some reason..

Oh well, least it works well indeed