View Full Version : Flap schedule on approach

03-17-2014, 02:18 AM
Now w the flaps allocated and synced to an axis I experienced the following (56t ZFW, 12t Fuel):
After decelleration to Clean speed, I extracted S+1. After further decelleration I extracted 2.
In the process The speed tape went from close to lowest possible to overspeed. When retracting one notch again it went to AFLOOR and TOGA.

Any one experience something similar?


Stephan Schwarz
03-17-2014, 04:20 AM
In my opinion you are too heavy with 12 tons of fuel. My airline says "MAXLAW = 66.000 kgs".
Try with less fuel first.


03-17-2014, 05:48 AM
Yes, if you are too heavy the airbus will not reach approach speeds even when the approach phase is activated.