View Full Version : Request for additional "button" options

03-08-2014, 02:53 PM

Thanks for a very interesting software package. Cant believe its free.
I am in my early process of developing my Cockpit. It will be done slowly as space, time and WAF allows.
In the process I will have to do without all hardware modules, and will have to survive with less. Never the less I will need full control of my A320.

In connection to this I see two very important additions to the Button configuration options that would help people like me with incomplete cockpits.

1 - Allowing simple keyboard input to be assigned to a function (eg from a secondary PC allocated to this.
2 - Allowing two different functions to be allocated to button press and release. On recommendation from several I have purchased the Thurstmaster Warthog HOTAS (stick & throttle). A lot of the switches on the throttle are designed to function as described - one function for press (switch up) and another function for release (switch down).

Areas where this would be a great benefit are the numerous buttons on the pedestal and the overhead

Again thanks for a great FREE product. ;-)