View Full Version : Request to add .INO as valid file type

01-21-2014, 01:37 AM
Could the site be configured to allow .INO files as attachments? I've written an Arduino file that may be helpful to others and would like to post as an attachment.


Jim NZ
01-21-2014, 02:37 AM
Welcome Dan ,,, your post was actually help up because it contained code and with you being a new member the post had to be moderated.
I have done that and released your second post as they were basically the same ,, lets know if you want it the other way round..

With posting code ,,, the "code" thingy seem's to work OK ?? but it still peels of some "includes" and even hits text that have a certain combination in the letters ,,, hopefully the backroom boys may have a look at that. To my way of thing ,, if it's in the "code" brackets it shouldn't be processed ,, just presented as it is posted ???

The way to do this in the meantime I suppose is make a comment in the post for the user to fix the broken "includes" and / or supply the code inside a zip file.

Welcome aboard Dan ,,, good to see you ,, Jim