View Full Version : Can MDF look almost like a metal cockpit?

05-05-2013, 10:38 AM
im looking into getting my project going and what materials to use to get a good look of realism.

can mdf be cut and painted as good as say acrylic in making panels, frames, mips, pedestals etc?

im worried the woody texture shows through the paint and lose that airplane metal feel.

I want to use mdf as it is relatively cheap and easy to work with but not sure how the results will differ?

any help appreciated and photo comparisons.


05-05-2013, 12:58 PM
Hi Phil
the short answer is yes. First sansd it lightly with something like 180-240 grit abrasive, coat it with a watery coat of standard household emulsion(acrylic) paint. If you can then spray it with many light coats of acrylic but keep the spray gun at least 12 inches from the mdf with not much paint coming through.This gives a sort of badly painted dusty look. WHen dry this will make it look like powder coated metal. Use matt acrylic paint. If you don't have a spray gun then use one of those cheap sponge paint rollers, apply the paint to cover then finish with light strokes all in the same direction, this gives lots of tiny air bubbles which stop the surface from being too smooth.
hope this helps

11-30-2013, 07:58 PM
MDF has no wooden structure is a great product for larger pieces
have a look at my cockpit its all mdf :)

cheers john