View Full Version : Should I have VB or the Arduino do the work?

01-10-2013, 05:35 PM
I know you guys have thought about this. Picture a VB app as interface with Simconnect (similar to Jims8Buttons), and talking to an Arduino with a bunch of connected goodies (gear LEDs, serial LCD for radio stack, pushbuttons and switches for cockpit lights, etc. - you get the idea).

Is it better to have VB pass the sim data of interest to the Arduino, have the Arduino keep track of last states, and decide whether to update a display, OR have VB keep track of state and just tell the Arduino which specific pins to set HIGH or LOW?

In the first case, the simulated hardware (Arduino and displays) might be more modular - you can change it out withour worrying too much about updating the VB interface, and in the second case you let VB do all the hard work and just use the Arduino as a local controller, passing putton pushes to VB and reacting to specific pin instructions from VB.

Naturally, you can read "VC#", or "VC++" for VB.


Jim NZ
01-12-2013, 04:34 AM
It depends on what you are doing David ,, one way is as good as the other until you analize the weaknesses.

The weakness of the Arduino is the serial coms (in/out) ,, you can only feed so much data down it ,, secondly ,, if your Arduino is doing a lot of "working things out" then it just aggravates the serial com problem, as while its "working it out", it's not reading the coms.

So it's best to design an system with the least data going to and from the Arduino.

That's my take on it David ,,,, Jim