View Full Version : Alternatives to GameSpy now that it has been shut down

12-09-2012, 10:38 PM
I know most that post here about online flight are using VATSIM, however, for those that might have been using GameSpy to access multi-player flight and are looking for an alternative now that there's no more GameSpy access for FSX there is a web site that's been created that lists a variety of alternates including VATSIM.

Here's the link: FSX Beyond GameSpy: Your Source for Information about the Future of FSX Multiplayer (http://www.fsxbeyondgamespy.com)

04-19-2013, 06:06 PM
I use FSHOST for mulitplayer now. I also host a FSHOST server and its available 24/7 (SimAviators Free Flight). One of the advantages of FSHOST is that players with FS9, FSX, and Prepar3d can all fly together in the same server at the same time. It works way different than you would expect, but basically you run FSHOST, connect to a server, then start your FSX. Anywhere you spawn from the free flight menu, you will be in the server, so all you have to do is meet your friends at a specific airport, or all spawn at that airport. Now I'm rambling, heres the FSHOST page: FSHost Homepage (http://www.chocolatesoftware.com/fshost/)

Theres 3 applications, FSHOSTClient is for connecting to FSHOST servers. FSHOST 3.2 is for hosting a server. And FSHOST spy allows you to see servers and obtain their address so that you can connect to the server via FSHOST client.

Hope this helps,