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09-29-2012, 05:11 PM
Hi all,thanks for the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience to the simulated aviation enthusiasts like me.

I apologize for my English, I'm from a Spanish speaking country and my written English is not the best. Although for many years that flight simulators microsoft, only now I'm learning to build me a house simulator cockpit . I'm at the stage of research and learning and my first challenge is to connect an old console Jeppesen FS200 almost unused and buy good many years ago. After several weeks of research and investigation I discovered that only two people have successfully run it, one is an old post who after much patience and welding, achievement connect a USBkeyboard to simulate the keys and the other is a post of 2008 in this forum


Where BUO836X uses to achieve this.

I bought a card arduino mega 2560, because I read that you can do the same and is more powerful.

I also saw this other card and its software but the BUO836X like this in England, and the Arduino is sold and supported in my country.

PoKeys56U (http://www.poscope.com/pokeys56u)

My idea is to learn and make use switch, rotary knobs and dials of this console to connect to FSX and use it as the 737NGX aircraft and some turboprop. As I learn, to gain experience and knowledge needed to build a complete simulator bigger as a737-800 or similar.

I will bevery grateful for your help and guidance on this, especially if someone has managed to connect this console Jeppesen FS200 successfully.



Jim NZ
10-01-2012, 03:51 AM
Wow Apolo ,, that's a neat mission your on and to be quite honest ,, I've never even seen one of those before.

As you already have the Arduino card ,, lets follow that thru.
Rough count ,, you need 31 switch ,, 9 rotary encoders and 3 pots (The sliders)
A good cheap way would be to use the Arduino for the switches and rotary encoders and gut an old joystick for the electronics to hook up to the 3 pots.
Or ,, get a BUO836X for the pots and some switches and the remaining switches etc could be done with the Arduino or another BUO836X.
Another option is to build a Mjoy interface.

What makes me nervous about suggesting the above is your comment about your future build ,, the 737NGX (which I don't have) which has probably got
different input/output requirements to the normal simconnect or FSUIPC stuff ,, so research would be the name of the game here to find out what is going to work.

Leo's BUO836X card is a brilliant card and is used by heaps of sim builders ,,, it's big plus is that it is seen by windows (and flightsim) as just another joystick so it can be immediately put to use. (Just plug and play) If you think about this ,, there is every chance that it would blend into use with the 737NGX where the Arduino may not. (It all depends on what you are doing)

Its been a while since I studied the Pokeys and I don't remember the plus's and minus's there ,, sorry ,,, But ,, research the multitude of cards that are out there now and cross-reference them to the in/out of the 737NGX ,, some will ,, some may not ??

Good luck with the mission Apolo ,,, it looks like a fun project ahead of you. ,,, Jim

10-01-2012, 10:46 AM
Hi Apolo, I too am a new home cockpit builder and I have 3 different cards to play with. First let me say, for a newbie the Buo836X is the easiest to use. You can hook up pots to the axis inputs and that's the way FSUIPC will see it. For example, throttle/prop/mixture handles, trim, or anything that uses pots. The rest of the inputs are mostly for switches including encoders.
The next board I bought was the Pokeys 56E which connects to the network via cat 5 cable. If you know how to write code or have time and desire to learn code, this is a good board. It is not as easy to use as the BU0836x board. I can not speak of the Pokeys 56U (usb connected) board. The third board I bought was the Arduino Mega board and it has its own brand of coding.
One thing I will say is BU0836x card does not have a way to turn LED lights on/off like the pokey or Arduino cards do. Hope this helps you with your desire to fly through your home or garage..Good luck. Lee

05-23-2013, 10:15 AM
Sorry to jump on an old thread, but did you get the Arduino to talk with the Jeppsen? I may have an opportunity to pick one of these up, and would like to know if you had any success getting it to talk with FSX through the mega.

06-06-2013, 05:46 PM
Dears, I was out of service for several months for his job that took me away from my country.

I resumed work indeed connect an old console Jeppesen FS200, is fun to learn and prepare to build a cabin simulator but it is quite difficult and complex for a novice like me. But you can be, you can.

I'm looking for an old, simple and small program that came on the CD console Jeppesen FS200 which served to test the buttons and rotary switch, it was a very simple program and I want to decode with reverse engineering way to understand how access analog signals console to determine how it could be used with any program to translate and send it to FSX. It's just an assumption but it could help. If anyone has it I would appreciate it rise where I could download.

I have been reading the Yoke and pedals that came with the console with an adapter to buy Game USB port and use it with FSX. The problem is that the Yoke and pedals were connected to DB9 Serial Cable that was what was read in the PC when you want to use the console. Serial to USB adapters are available but the console can not be seen by the windows as there is a driver that reads or identify.

So I'm working on both front. Is it possible to design a console read drivers from windows and be able to use it from FSX? and it can be connected by Arduino or other means to be read by FSX using FSUIPC.

NZ Jim mentions a Mjoy interface interface but did not find much information on it, if you know more appreciate alguen share your experience.

Just be new in any of the two areas where the work will share ...



04-30-2014, 09:12 PM

Welcome, what you want to do is very complex and will not serve you to modify the cable. Investigate the matter and there are three possible solutions none of them easy or simple .

1 - Using a USB keyboard connect cables and use the keyboard using keyboard shortcuts for some functions . The full explanation of what to do and other solutions, found in this old link:


2 - . Buy Universal USB device;Universal Joystick Controller BU0836X; that will allow you to connect to the old FS200 PC via USB . Program will require this device and also set the connection to FSX via FSUIPC . Here I leave the link to the information


3 - Buy an Arduino board and use it to connect via USB FS200 old , same will have to program it and set the connection to FSX via FSUIPC . You will find lots of information on the web and support for the use of Arduino boards .

Of the three solutions the number 2 appears less complex and easier based on what I 've researched and experienced , the cost is quite acceptable.

However all solutions will require you to study , investigate and learn to program , connect, welding cables, etc. . It is very entertaining and exciting if you want to accept the challenge .

Do not hesitate to write in the forum for others aprendar for help.

Greetings and excuse my English I am a citizen of a Spanish speaking country .



05-28-2014, 11:32 AM
Hi Apollo,
thank you for the replay.
Can you please tell me how to unscrew the knobs and remove the PCB board from the console?
Like I told you in the beginning this one it's my first project and How you can see I'm completely new of this "world"