View Full Version : Com layout 737NG: headsets/handheld mics/roof speakers seperately possible for CMD/FO ?

09-15-2012, 03:54 PM

I planing to improve my homecockpit with a shell. Momentarily I´mthinking about Communication-layout. Up to now I used two headsets with a link to speaker on the front side. As I see in reality there are several possibilities.

CMD/FO both headset
CMD headset and FO handheld or vice versa
CMD headset and FO handheld and roofspeakers on his side or vice versa

As handhelds I think for instance of a pair of Standard STD-CMP460 Speaker/Mic

Does anybody has experience with such a layout? Especially with controlling this layout over the Audio-Selection-Panel?
(I have two from CS, but I think I have to replace them...)

Bernhard (LSZH)